Hello, there! Welcome to my website. I’m Abraham Peters and thank you for stopping by.

About This Site

I’m currently writing and studying how to study the Bible. I will be focussing on the Inductive Bible Study Method for now. But here are some other things I’ll write on. - How to Take Notes - How to Read the Bible - Review Audio Bibles - How to Teach the Bible


I love old devotionals. The Puritans, the Church Fathers, and my personal favorite now: Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Like modern worship songs, modern devotional material is full of vapid ideas. While true, they are true like a drizzle in a desert. Yes, it waters, but its effects are driven away by the sun in a half-minute.

Only a monsoon could bring new life in upon the sand. So it is with my own soul. I desire, I need the torrents of the deep Scripture. Platitudes of vapor could never satisfy my parched soul.

By of my own time with the Lord in the morning is done in writing out my own devotionals. Inspired by the Word and by the old writers who loved the Word.

So, my devotional are mainly for my own benefit, but I will share a few here and pray it blesses you as well.


You can learn a lot from someone by looking at their bookself, rss feed, and inbox. Here’s what I’ve been reading


Favorite Blogs (Updated 2020-05-22)

Social Media has its limits to conversation. Most of the platforms are bloated with features that distract from meaningful discourse. Blogging can better raise above the noise. Here are some of the blogs I follow:


I took a vocation placement test to figure out what I should be when I grew up. Preacher/Pastor was always at the top of the list. There’s been a rebelious streak in me, believe it or not, and I knew the test would say that. This made me even more resolute to not become a preacher. However, after changing my from Registered Dietician to Fireman to Paramedic to Nurse to Chiroprator to Therapist–you should see my transcipts–I realized I should embrace what that test said and preach.

Graduated in ‘12 with an B.A. in Biblical Studies form Florida College. By God’s Grace that follow Sunday after graduation, I began working with a congregation in Clearwater, FL. Then I started my current work with the Dade City Church of Christ.

I’m married to a wonderful woman named Grace. We’ve been together for almost 7 years. We have two sons under two and we love it.